Colour TV

I remember a few things vividly from my childhood, that resonate as a child of the 60’s and 70’s. I remember a few things from around 1970, when we first got a phone in the house, where previously my mum had to go up the street to a phone box to call her mother in Southport. I also remember the colour TV arriving around the same time and the vivid colours of the adverts and a childrens program called the Daily Fable. I remember we had ice on the inside of the windows during winter, from condensation freezing overnight.

I remember we had very few holidays over my childhood years and I flew for the first time around 1975 aged 13, when we went to Majorca. That was my only foreign trip with my parents. Other trips were mainly camping or occasional hotels or farm stays. I have memories of visiting aunts and uncles where we were received in the front room or parlour which was kept for special occasions and they lived mostly in their Dining room / Kitchen. Family car was a Ford Cortina. I also remember that neighbours would drop by and enter the house without knocking, unheard of today, plus we used to play in the field near the house, unescorted from an early age maybe 10 years old. Simpler times.

Aged 56, Male, Northumberland/West Sussex
July 2018

Colour TV