Paper Mache Moon

I don’t remember very much about my early childhood as we lived in Africa – I think my very first memory is being on the back of a bike riding through sugar cane fields. When we came back to England we stayed with my grandparents in Surrey and then Oxford until my dad found a job in Southampton. To start off with we lived in Britannia Flats, there was an outside loo and no bath. So we used to have a plastic bath in the kitchen that my mum filled with boiling water. One day I wasn’t looking where I was going and I fell into the bath scalding my legs very badly, I had to sleep with a fireguard holding the blankets off my legs for a while.

Then we moved to a much nicer house with a garden but I didn’t really like school there very much. As my birthday is at the start of September I was about to be moved up a year where I wouldn’t have known anyone but luckily for me we moved again to live in London (where I have lived ever since). My new primary school was much more fun – I remember that we made airfix models and a paper mache moon which we were going to use to make a short animation film, we never made the film but we had a great time making the props.

Aged 54, Male, London
July 2018

Paper Mache Moon
"Paper Mache Moon"