School | 1

When I started primary school, I was one of the ‘weedy kids’ who got bullied at school. One of the boys in our dormitory started at the same time as me at the same school. He was not particularly kind towards me back at our dormitory.

One day, one of the older boys saw him fighting me and told me to fight back. Seeing the timid look on my face, he told us to go to the school sports ground and wrestle in the sandpit that the school used for long jump. He said he would act as a referee.

My opponent was stronger. Before long, he pinned me down on the ground with his knees. It hurt, and sand got in my mouth and nose. The older boy separated us for the wrestling to reconvene. I was pinned on the ground again, and again.

After a few rounds, I didn’t really care about the pain anymore. I kept on fighting as though my body did not belong to me and managed to hold up a deadlock position without being wrestled to the ground – perhaps by this time my opponent was tired out. Eventually, we were both exhausted and went home.

I don’t remember much of what happened after that day.

And I don’t remember getting bullied after that.

Male, aged around 50, Southern China
August 2020