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Not entirely sure how I landed upon the 'We Grew Up In Manchester ' Facebook page, perhaps it appeared in the news feed. Whatever, so glad as it has stirred up an entire encyclopaedia of fond memories - mostly good but others I'd sooner not be reminded of.

Searching through my Smartphone (tip to self - put photos into Albums) I happened upon a few others of my earlier years. One shows me and my sister Annegret (younger by four years) at the Times Furnishing storage/delivery facility where my father used to be the caretaker. This Times Furnishing facility was located on a main road between Levenshulme and Manchester City Centre although I can't recall the exact location. Another photo is of my mother, younger brother, Barry, and myself taken in front of what I was recently reminded to be the Jackson Street flats. Sadly I have absolutely no recollection of these flats or for how long we lived there prior to the families move to Levenshulme.

The final photo is of my class at Alma Park Primary School. I have one outstanding memory of the school in that in a Nativity play one year it was my desire to steal the show playing Joseph. My teacher, however, had other ideas and tactfully suggested that my self assumed operatic voice was far too nice for the anticipated audience. So from the star of the show I became one of three non-speaking, let alone singing, trees with the claim to fame of having to fall flat on my face without causing undue injury either to myself or the stage. In the photo I am to be found in the middle row 4th in from the right.

Now for those wondering about the attire, yes I am wearing Leder Hosen at the request -NOT - of my German mother. She came over to England marrying my ex Army father shortly after WW2 determined that the German traditions would continue in England. This was well received in Manchester as you can well imagine where a standing Fish & Chip shop was almost impossible to find and my childhood was heavily influenced by this as one can imagine. Enough said.

Alan Ingham, Born in 1950's, Manchester
November 2021
Source: Facebook Group "We Grew Up in Manchester"