A daughter’s childhood memory in the 70s told by her mother

“I remember not being able to buy my daughter Christmas presents. I remember going to the Butchers and putting some money down to reserve a turkey, and when Christmas came, I couldn’t afford the turkey. So I lost that money, I couldn’t have that back. So I got out what I had in the kitchen, to make some sandwiches and some little treats from whatever I could, and put a tablecloth down on the floor, with the teddies around, my daughter and I, with the teddies and the dollies had a picnic on the floor. I made little paper hats from some scrap paper. And for Christmas presents, I made some clothes for the dolls, wrapping them up.

My daughter years later said that was the best Christmas she ever could remember because it was so different.”

- From BBC Radio 4 programme “Surviving the Cost of Living - Sophia and Chris” released on 20 Aug 2022

A Breath of Fresh Air

"A Breath of Fresh Air"