Memory Meadow
Tell and Show


Think of a childhood story that you remember well; write it down or audio record it.

Close your eyes and picture yourself in the story. Visualise the story: where were you? Look around you, what do you see, who were you with? What happened? How did you feel?


When thinking about the story and feeling it, what colour would you associate with such feelings? Note down the colours that first come to mind.

If you can’t “see” any colours, try this: immerse yourself in the feelings of your story, then imagine yourself walking into an imaginary room with walls painted with colours that match your mood or feelings. What colour walls do you see?

If you still don’t have any colours, don’t worry. Continue to the next step.


Get a box of plasticine or playdough. If you have chosen your colours in STEP 2, select the plasticine/playdough of the colours of your choice from the box. If the box of plasticine/playdough doesn’t have the colours you have chosen, you can mix 2 or 3 colours to make the colour that you want.

If you haven’t chosen any colours in STEP 2, simply layout all the plasticine/playdough in front of you, as many colours as you can get. Remember, you can mix 2 or 3 colours to make a new colour. Then, once more, immerse yourself in the feelings of your story. Pick out the colours by instinct, guided by your feelings. Don’t think – just pick any colours that feel right.


Now, immerse yourself in the feelings of your story. With your bare hands, work the playdough/plasticine of your chosen colours into different shapes and sizes - any shapes, they don’t have to look like anything. Again, don’t think – channel your feelings through your hands and make shapes by instinct.

Arrange these pieces to form a picture, again guided by your instinct and feelings. You can add more colours to complement or contrast the colours you have already had.

You can place the playdough pieces on top of a white backing board, or a black one. Alternately, pick one of the colours you have chosen in STEP 2 or 3 as the background, or any other colours that feel right. Acrylic paints can be used to make the background. Experiment.


Take a photo of your picture and share your picture and your story with your friends and family.

OPTIONAL: Send your picture and story to by email:
or send a message at:

If you want to create your picture with a medium of your choice instead of playdough, please do!


Memory Meadow